The exhibition starting 27th September is the first retrospective of the German artists expansive career in the UK. Having been heralded as our “greatest living artist”, this exhibition is certainly set to be a highlight this Autumn. Superbly curated, the artworks are hung in chronological order so the context of each work is fully realized in the spirit of when they were made.

Claudia pritchard from the Independant writes: ” Growing up with the heavy burden of his country’s wartime atrocities, Kiefer scandalised some when, early in his career, he produced images that were not only unacceptable but actually outlawed in Germany – depicting him, in a Nazi uniform, giving the Nazi salute. Due to feature in the first room of the exhibition, they force us to confront the past and raise the question of the role of the artist in the wake of a vicious regime.” Osiris-and-Isis,-1985-87-WEThe-Orders-Of-The-Night,-19


The exhibition runs from 27th September to 14th December, 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts