“I paint ‘faces’, although I like to say I paint ‘expressions’; not just what is on the aesthetic surface but the dialogue of what’s underneath. The internal dialogue vs. the external portrayal. I am not interested in painting ‘bowls of fruit’ but living, breathing, expressive human beings. “Give me something gritty, something real. Show me!”


Award winning artist Emma-Leone Palmer graduated in Fine Art in 2005. After a number of crazy-fun years painting in her ‘Old Fire Station’ studio in Surrey, numerous exhibitions and awards, and setting up of various creative projects; she shut-up-shop and with a rucksack full of art supplies went to paint in Italy. Her love of figurative oil painting grew whilst living in Umbria, painting alongside artist Lorenzo Fonda in Raffaelo’s Perugian studio. When back in England this culminated in an prolific solo exhibition at The Watts gallery, a national gallery, of 38 portraits, exploring the character and colour of a single community. Now she can be found in her Wimbledon studio, tunes on loud, a camera or paintbrush in her hand, invariably smearing paint around… not least on an obliging face!