Known for her striking work using only a Biro, Central Saint Martins graduate Hanna Herrera

has created a wide range of extraordinary images. Inspired by the natural world, Hanna describes

herself as a ‘visual biologist’. She creates intriguing images by interpreting living specimens as she

considers them to exist in past, present and future forms. Hanna experiments by interlacing biology

and nature with psychology, drawing upon the world around her in order to create original pieces

of art. As her imagination runs wild, so does the pen, drawing both the possible and impossible.

Hanna Herrera has always had a passion for art, and has cultivated this natural skill over the years.

As a child, Hanna won many national competitions and exhibited in both London and the USA.

This acknowledgment of her talent led her to enrol in Central Saint Martins, one of the world’s leading centres for art and design education as one of their youngest students in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist. Hanna graduated in 2009 with a BA Honours Degree in Art and Design.

In this day and age, constant media pressure has led the majority of women to believe that to be

beautiful means you have to be thin. From magazines to models, catwalks to commercials, the idea that ‘the skinner you are, the more beautiful you are’ has become ingrained amongst women on a

global scale. The Little Miss Large Collection by Hanna Herrera examines this warped idea and the

effect it has had on society.

Most would agree that the Little Miss Large Collection don’t have thighs as thick as a hippos, or bums the size of a cows. Unfortunately, these women still see themselves as ugly as warthogs despite having most’s dream body. It doesn’t matter how ‘thin’ or ‘perfectly curved’ these women are, they still believe they’re not quite skinny enough. Not quite beautiful enough.