Born in 1959 in London, Veronique grew up between New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and the U.K. Working in the arts since the ‘70s, today she works as an artist, artist’s mentor and creativity coach from her home in the West Sussex countryside.

Throughout her prolific, 40+ year career, her work to date has utilized mixed media, painting, video, audio, sculpture, performance and land-art. Drawing from her lived experience as a lesbian woman, adevoted mother and grandmother, and committed Buddhist practitioner, and with an eclectic mix of spirituality from her formative years, (Maori, Native American, Anglican, Catholicism) ritual and relationship are central to Veronique’s work and she engages deeply with themes of sexuality, spiritualty and mortality.

Veronique has received funded residencies in Iceland, Ireland and New Mexico USA, won numerous awards and accolades including Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England since 1995, she has worked with and been mentored by significant artists such as Sir Antony Gormley, and Prof Danny Rolph, she sells and exhibits internationally, and her work forms an integral part of several important collections worldwide.