Bringing together over 120 works from international collections, this is Hannah Hoch’s first major exhibition in the UK and focuses purely on her works on paper. Having initially trained under the Berlin printmaker Emil Orlik, she went on to become a pioneer in collage and a pivotal member of the Berlin Dada movement, using images spliced from various publications and popular magazines.

” Acerbic, astute and funny, Hoch established collage as a key medium for satire whilst being a master of its poetic beauty.” *Whitchapel press release.The exhibition portrays well, Hoch’s commentary of the changes during a tremendously difficult time for German society, having retreated to a house just outside Berlin during WWII. She continued to create work for over 30 years after the war with her work becoming increasingly more abstract. From the 60’s onwards however, Hoch’s work displays a renewed interest in figuration and representations of the body which seem to have more narrative in them but less obviously so.

She is quoted:

“The peculiar characteristics of photography and it’s approaches have opened up a new and immensely fantastic field for a creative human being: a new, magical territory for the discovery of which, freedom is the first prerequisite.”

The exhibition ran from 15th January 2014 – 23rd March 2014