Anne Moses is a British artist living and working in the UK. Since leaving the University of Manchester with a B.A Honours Degree in Fine Art she has been developing and producing work continuously.
Her work has mutated but the same themes have remained constant i.e: close up & detailed observation of the skin, facial features & texture; montaged images; ambiguity. The main area of interest has always been the human face and form, encompassing universal recognition of emotion and sensuality seen up close with highly detailed observation. Larger than life images dealing with fragments of life seen at close range – the portrayal of the elusive touch or feeling; the detail and minutiae of life; introspection – fleeting ‘moments’ translated into paintings:
“I believe that there is an innate response to the mimetic and the re-presentation of our own image, it is something we are fascinated by and conditioned to respond to. Painting takes this into another realm with the artist controlling each element of the re-presentation.”

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100 × 100 cm