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Panda Picnic by Ellie Hesse


Ellie Hesse was born in New York in 1972 but spent most of her childhood in the Yorkshire Dales.  Travel has always been an important aspect in her life – she has explored Asia and South America, as well as living and working in a number of different European countries including the the UK, France, Germany and Italy.  These experiences continue to inspire and nourish her creative process.

Entirely self-taught, Ellie is mainly known for her vibrantly coloured townscapes, often featuring human and animal characters to accent the setting.  Ellie uses a variety of different media and techniques, depending on the subject matter.  The palette knife is her tool of preference which she uses to build up layers of texture and a rich depth of colour in her townscapes.  Ellie’s work celebrates the creative tension that arises from contrasting solid, architectural forms with the fluidity of her more natural and dynamic subjects. This creates a certain energy which keeps her work fresh and exciting whilst remaining characteristic of her style.

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80 × 80 cm