The Birds over Horsehold
The Birds over Horsehold det The Birds over Horsehold in situ

The Birds over Horsehold by Christopher Rainham


Christopher Rainham has always been inspired by the natural world and more specifically an experience of the natural world. He is inspired by the way flora and fauna are woven into language, the explanations of things, stories and beliefs. Animals and flowers and birds have their own symbolism. They are the characters in myths, some of the players in religious writings, metaphors for things that we can’t explain.The birds in his paintings are the motif of his design, the objects of his composition and an element of his pattern.

Christopher is interested in the way that society interacts with the wild and not so wild things around it, the effect that we have on the environment and the living things that rely on it to survive. His responses may represent an image conjured by a text or a feeling found between the lines of the story or even disparate pieces of the story, his own knowledge and other beliefs all rolled into one.

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80 × 80 cm