The Pumpkin Patch by Glynne James


Glynne James is a landscape artist whose distinctive style captures the stoic Fenlands of Lincolnshire, viewed over hours, days, seasons and years.

Working with oil paint on canvases of all different shapes and sizes, this temporal approach to the landscape is the essence of Glynne’s work.  Comprised of multiple squares and rectangles, each ‘window’ offers a snapshot of one scene viewed throughout time.  In this regards, Glynne’s work might document the arrival of flowers in Spring, the light of a mid-summer sky, and the haze of an autumnal sunrise, all in one cohesive painting.

Whether muted and subtle, or brazen and bold, Glynne’s use of colour always creates a rich, familiar atmosphere that perfectly captures the ever changing essence of the Great British Countryside.  In this regard, it is fitting that Glynne’s work does not shy away from the man-made.  Power stations, wind turbines and pylons are often featured adorning the landscape in such a way, that industrialisation appears almost unremarkable.  This harmonious proximity between rural and industrial, invites the viewer to consider the evolution of the natural world, as humankind continues to push it’s boundaries.

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81 × 101 cm