Dynamic Shapes 56x56cm acrylic on canvas Gall P £1,200

Dynamic Shapes by Claire Smith


Born in Portsmouth, England in 1969, Claire Smith graduated from Falmouth School of Art in 1991 with a 1st Class degree in ‘Fine Art & Printmaking’.

Four years later, Claire moved to southern Norway where she lived for 10 years before moving to San Francisco in 2015.  Both of these locations can be clearly seen in her work.  From the sparse, open vistas of the Norwegian sea to the angular, liminal sprawl of San Francisco bay area, Claire’s work is a direct reflection of the world around her.  These distinctly different subjects are united by her ability to breath life into what is an otherwise a desolate view.

The juxtaposition between the sky and the foreground is a regular feature, prompting a sense of calm contemplation.  Presenting the viewer with familiar scenes from distinct perspectives, Claire’s work explores the familiar with a sense of novelty.

Claire says:

Employing layers of colour I want to recreate the interplay between the landscape, light and seasons, bringing the illusion of depth to the two-dimensional surface.

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56 × 56 cm