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Interplanetary Music by Richard Slee


Richard Slee’s sculptural work grew from his “love of the Afrofuturist Music of Sun Ra and his ‘Cosmic Philosophy’, resulting from his claimed alien abduction to Saturn.

Sun Ra’s Cosmic Philosophy may have been an act of personal mythology, or the result of an artistic creation. But as a consequence, he created some strangely beautiful music from beyond binding myths, the cosmos and all kinds of possible realities.”

Richard continues, “Having experienced the unnerving world of sleep paralysis, I have sought to formulate and develop my own interpretation of what ‘otherworldliness’ might be.
I work with modular forms, by stretching and transforming material properties and attempt to make a unique building block for this faux universe.
Many individual elements combine to create numerous building blocks, which are then tessellated to create a series of planetary forms” in his sculptures.

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45 × 11 × 16 cm


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