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Maharani 'Maharani' by Sara Ingleby-MacKenzie 'Maharani' by Sara Ingleby-MacKenzie

Maharani by Sara Ingleby-Mackenzie


ed 2/20

Currently based in Somerset in South West England, Sara Ingleby-Mackenzie graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Sculpture from the Bath Academy of Art. Having studied under Ken Hughes, a pupil of Henry Moore, she was awarded the Henry Moore Foundation Scholarship in 1982.

As the daughter of a fashion designer who grew up in Milan, her creations are rich in detail and texture. Light hearted and playful, each piece is full of unique charm and whimsy. Her recognisable style is anatomically familiar yet elegant and modern, and the joy of the creative process is plainly evident in each of her finished characters.

Also available in solid bronze:

200 x 30 x 30cm,  ed of 6 – Price on Application

Please contact us directly via email or telephone if you would like to purchase this artwork in solid bronze.

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200 × 30 × 30 cm