Raspberry Pavlova by Steve Foster


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Created using oil paint on canvas and at around 75 hours in the making, this work pays homage to the vibrancy of nature’s palette. Through the application of several thin layers of paint and the careful enhancement of light and shadow, Steve creates an image giving the impression of silken pink petals that can almost be touched.

Steve Foster is a Wiltshire based contemporary fine artist whose work focuses on celebrating nature’s rich, but transient, resource.
Steve takes the majority of his inspiration from the wonder and diversity of the natural world; the shapes, flows and variety of the floral subject is of particular interest to him and is where he derives much of his artistic inspiration. With a passionate interest in the way that light plays on a subject, Steve’s creative output centres around bringing an element of exaggerated realism to his work, placing an emphasis on representing depth through shadows, highlights and reflections. Nature’s provision in this regard is substantial and reinforces the value of observing the beautiful details found in the natural world. Such natural images are of course very transitory and Steve’s work is as much about capturing these marvels before they evolve and fade. Additionally, in creating such work, Steve observes that there is an attendant reflection on the fragility of nature, not just as a natural moment in time, but also in terms of our collective responsibilities to observe, appreciate and preserve natural resource. His continued hope is that his work might inspire people to stop, ‘smell the flowers’ and reflect on how very privileged we are to witness such beauty.
Painting with oil paint applied in thin layers on canvas, Steve works from his home studio in Wiltshire, UK. His works have been exhibited in a number of galleries in the South-West of the UK and he has sold work in the UK and internationally. Currently represented by London Contemporary Art (LCA), a central London gallery based in Pimlico (conveniently close to the Tate Britain, Steve’s favourite public gallery), Steve has recently had work displayed at Battersea AAF and the LCA gallery.

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100 × 100 cm