Somewhere to Dream (Enhanced Canvas Print)
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Somewhere to Dream (Enhanced Canvas) by Roy Fairchild


This enhanced serigraph print is for sale from Roy Fairchild’s Personal Collection. This print will come with a certificate of authenticity from London Contemporary Gallery and a unique signed letter from Roy Fairchild himself authenticating the work and detailing that this is from his personal collection.

Roy Fairchild-Woodard was born in 1953 in Surrey, England. He currently lives and works most of the year in the peaceful environment of his Country home. The rest of the year he travels throughout Europe; Italy in particular, to obtain new sources of inspiration. His affinity with Italy is the painters of the Renaissance, especially their frescos, tapestries and paintings.

The plasterwork of the frescos is alluded to in his use of plaster as a base for his acrylic and oil overpaints. Also the influence of Egon Schiele and Gustave Klimpt can be seen in his occasional reference of line and decoration.

He received a degree in graphic design and started working under the name Woodard to produce more commercial artwork, as well as decorative art in the form of serigraphs and lithographs. He was eventually able to give up his commercial illustrations and return full time to his own painting and printmaking, which he produces under his family name, Fairchild.

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65 × 80 cm


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