Weathered Meadow by Lorna Kirin


My recent paintings explore the beauty of our stunning landscape and coastline. Colour, of course has always been central to my work and is what really moves me. The fantastic array of hues found hidden in the landscape and in the water are gripping and I love to think of pigments to best describe them as I pass by and then explore these back in the studio. I’m drawn to the wonderfully organic forms and textures that nature provides too, together with the juxtaposition of human intervention, tracks, fields, boundaries, paths. My work focuses on these contrasts, pushing pigments and marks to evoke a real sense of emotion and to make the subject resonate. I love the thrill of applying paint to canvas, with bold washes and thick textured brush marks evoking a real sense of immediacy and excitement, seeking to capture that first glimpse of a stunning view and to impart that feeling of awe to the viewer. I like to think my paintings are fearless. I take risks with them at all stages of their development, in order to seek that balance between complete freedom and control. I use a lot of water and am endlessly experimenting with different media and ideas.

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100 × 100 cm