Ryan O’Donoghue

Born in Essex in 1989, I have had an interest in photography all my life. Spun from my uncles career and him teaching me little by little since a young age. I decided on my own career in photography whilst studying Digital Film and Screen Arts at the University for the Creative Arts.

Plastic Heads, is a unique collection of images that explore the nostalgia and beauty of these beloved figures. Whether it’s a classic action figure from the 80s or a modern collectible, each shot captures the individual character of the toy and its place in our pop culture history. Using creative lighting, unexpected angles, and a keen eye for detail, I strive to create unique images that will capture the imagination of viewers and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Through my work, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the timeless art of toy photography and inspire others to explore the beauty of these timeless objects. Whether you’re a fan of vintage toys or a collector of today’s figures, I invite you to explore my series and discover the beauty of each one of my Plastic Heads.