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Plastic Head: 35th Anniversary Barbie Doll – 1993 By Ryan O’Donoghue


My first female Plastic Head, I didn’t want just any Barbie doll. After conducting some research, I stumbled upon the 35th anniversary Barbie, which is a reproduction of the original Barbie released in 1969. Her face is absolutely stunning, so I decided to hunt for her on eBay. Celebrating 35 years of iconic Barbie fashion, The reproduced 35th Anniversary Barbie doll takes us on a nostalgic journey, paying homage to the original 1959 doll With her classic blonde hair & stylish black and white swimsuit. It was a special edition reproduction that aimed to celebrate and pay homage to the iconic doll’s history and impact on popular culture.

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100 × 0.5 × 75 cm


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