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Plastic Head: Vintage LION-O Action Figure – 1985 By Ryan O’Donoghue


As a kid, I never watched this show myself, but I do remember my brother having the toy sword of Omens. I have a fond memory of that. I absolutely love the high-octane opening of the show, with its awesome theme song. The animation was truly unbelievable for its time. Thundercats debuted in 1985, produced by LJN to accompany the popular TV cartoon of the same name by Rankin-Bass. Although the toyline only lasted three years and had a relatively small distribution compared to other action figure toylines of that time, it remains popular among adult collectors. Thank you to Nerdbase UK for supplying this figure for me to bring to the Plastic Head Gallery.

In stock

100 × 0.5 × 75 cm


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