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Pot Carrier with Pink Shawl by Nicolle Menegaldo

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Nicolle was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia as it was then) and grew up in Africa and then travelled the world for some years before settling in the Uk.

“My love of colour stems from my younger life in Africa and being surrounded by intense colours and textures but wanted to take it further than the art that was typically ‘African’. I did a degree in Art when I settled in the Uk and obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Art and Ceramics at Buckinghamshire University in 1999. I never managed to set up a Potters Studio for various reasons so decided to take my love of texture and colour and put it into painting. My subject matter is influenced by the many cultures I have been fortunate enough to experience. I am presently putting my focus on the way Women are seen in the various cultural traditions, for example Europe, Eastern Europe , Russian and various Caucasian countries. I also have a strong spiritual belief which may influence the way I portray women. I also like to paint still life for the simple colour and shape exercise that it presents.”

100 × 80 cm


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