set of houses 1603

Set of four houses 1603 by Rowena Brown


Rowena Brown has a BA in Design from St. Martins School of Art in London, an MA in Fine Art from the University of Leeds and has exhibited work in London, all over the UK and in the USA. She works mainly in sculptural ceramics, the pieces often being in pairs, groups or series.

“My current work is hand built architectural forms which are coloured with slips, part-glazed and earthenware or raku fired. The ceramic process – particularly the rapid and unpredictable nature of raku (where the red hot ceramic is plunged into combustible material) – reinforces a sense of irrevocable change. The pieces show a real and implied history acquired by their passage through fire and smoke. Yet they now have a stillness and solitude. They become vessels for reminiscence and contemplation’’

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8 cm