Sunday by Darrie Payne

Fine Art Paper
I was fortunate to grow up in a home with artistic parents who nurtured my curiosity for art from a young age. It was not a surprise when I finished secondary school that I went to study Fine Arts at the College of Art Dun Laoghaire, Dublin Ireland. After graduating I worked in ceramic sculpture, doing set design in the film and TV industry. With the economic downturn in the industry, I turned my attention to children’s illustration and found myself moving from Ireland to England in 2010 to work as a children’s illustrator for an educational company based in Kent. My passion for art extends beyond illustration. Art in its varied forms, has been at the center of my attention for much of my life. When I am not illustrating, I can be found hand-building ceramic sculpture, immersed in life drawing, wood carving and most recently, photography. Like many artists the inspiration for my work in all its forms comes from the natural world and our relationship with her.

Living in the heart of the Kent Downs with ancient woodlands on my door step, I found my solace here during the pandemic and it was at this time I started experimenting with infrared photography. I love the challenge that comes with chasing the light and finding the shadows and I am captivated by the ghostly and atmospheric images it creates. As a photographer I am a witness to nature’s story, capturing a fleeting moment in time and preserving it forever. My photographs are about honouring the rhythm, form and serenity of our natural world and with our changing climate and loss of biodiversity, this testimony has never been more important.

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