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Tartaglia by Keng Wai Lee


Tartaglia is a painting by Keng Wai Lee. Colourful, exotic, charming, this acrylic painting is made on boxed canvas. It represents a playful parrot, the perfect painting for interiors and the home.

This animal painting has a tropical, playful feel.

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Keng Wai Lee is a painter, graduated from Beaux-Arts. He was trained in fine art and worked as a skilled visual artist. Keng Wai Lee’s gorgeously rich animal impressions are a synergy of decorative tableaux and depiction in paint on canvas of his memories and imagination.

Moreover, his wonderful paintings are made up of birds and Goldfishes in flamboyant colors, making them decorative and figurative. He was inspired by these patterns during his childhood, as Keng Wai Lee had seven goldfishes and his father had a lot of chickens in the family garden. Animals are a part of the fairy tale, vegetable and colored decor.

In addition, the acrylic on canvas allows him to transpose the image in a precise manner, combining imagination and childhood memories. He uses colourful, exotic, tropical hues in his work. His paintings are playful and engaging. Keng Wai Lee’s work is a fusion of contemporary techniques and craftsmanship. His work is highly sought after and collectable. His paintings often come in pairs and we recommend to visit our gallery in Victoria Pimlico and to keep an eye on new productions from this tropical and colourfully themed artist.

Keng Wai Lee says “Using acrylic as a medium, I tend to reminisce through my past getting inspiration to create my artwork. This may come from remembering all
my scribbles in my textbooks/school books full of monsters and machines in a apocalyptic world.Or, just indulging in my hobbies of looking at swimming
goldfish and local bird watching through my window for hours on end, giving them names and characters.”
Keng Wai Lee

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