WhisperingClouds (227KB)

Whispering Cloud by Andrew Kinmont


Andrew studied Fine Art at University of Wales, graduating with a first class Honours degree in 2007. He then obtained further training through St Martins College London and Westdene College, Chichester. Since then his work has met with critical acclaim and sells locally and internationally. His work has appeared on the cover of RISK magazine and published in ‘101 Abstract and Non-Figurative Artworks’ (Published January 2015). He was selected as an associate member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and his work is regularly selected for the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. In recognition of his growing status his name was recently added to the notable “Who’s Who in Art’ (Movern Press). In 2016 Andrew was one of only a few artists selected for membership of the prestigious Manchester Academy Of Fine Art.

I have an overwhelming urge to create. This drive comes from deep within me, a need to explore and find something to say, to have my own individual voice. As humans we have evolved from nature and therefore have a deeply ingrained physical and spiritual connection with it. I create paintings as a response to my own experience of landscape. In these places of solitude I find tranquillity and a level of contentment that comes from being alone with your own thoughts, memories and dreams.

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50 × 44 cm